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About Dink's Feather Shop

    Dink's Feather Shop is located in the heart of Appalachia in the Mountain State where I have been building quality arrows for over 25 years. Our work is done by hand and our standards are high! We are currently using Port Orford Cedar and Laminated Maple Tuffwoods. Our goal is not to have the most expensive product or see how fast we can produce them. Instead, our goal is to use the best products available to us and make each customer a beautiful quality set of properly built tapered or barreled arrows to match their bow and needs. 

    High back feathers are standard fletch on our arrows, unless you tell us otherwise. We have always used high back feathers on our arrows for several reasons. A bigger feather gives your arrow the stabilization needed for maximum performance. Your field points and broadheads should shoot in the same place. No surprises a few days before season! I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want this! Arrow recovery is important for game recovery. The bigger feathers can recover if your arrow nips a twig in flight or if you have a bad release. 

    If you're on the range or hunting this his can mean the difference of scoring or not. Again, I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want this! I can't understand why people pay several hundreds of dollars for a bow and try to shoot junk out of it. No matter how expensive your bow is, improper arrows will give you fits! Any bow will perform extremely well with the proper arrows. We also offer Real Barred Primary Turkey Feathers on our arrows in high backs. 

    If you're just starting or not sure what spine you need, or if your current arrows are not flying well, then please fill out the information on your bow and yourself. This helps us select the proper spine for you. Spine is very crucial to performance. These go hand in hand! 

    We will cut your arrows to length and point taper free of charge! This service is, has, and always will be free when you buy our arrows! When measuring your arrows for being cut to length, be sure to measure from the saddle of the nock to the BACK of the point. (B.O.P.) No returns on cut arrows, so please be sure of the proper length you need! 

    Delivery time can vary so please order early and please be patient on custom arrows. It sometimes is hard to catch us by phone, so the e-mail address is the easiest for answering questions and orders. Thank You and hope to hear from you soon!!!